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Vertical reducers.

At FELLAR we have over 40 years' experience of designing and manufacturing specialized large vertical reducers. Vertical reducers are capable of withstanding very large axial loads thanks to the special design and arrangement of the parts, to the use of large thrust bearings in the design, and to the use of specialised micro-geometry in the calculations for the gears.

In terms of basic geometry, two types of vertical reducers are manufactured based on the direction of the output shaft (upwards or downwards). The direction of the output shaft determines specific aspects of the design relating to how the product will withstand the axial load. These reducers are also made with two types of drive, with a number of parallel stages and with perpendicular shafts.

Specialised large-scale vertical reducers (up to 50 tonnes) are used in various heavy industries to drive roller crushers, ball mills, agitators, large pumps and so on, wherever a solution for variable working action is required.

Tandem reducers with several drive shafts
Multi-planetary cone train reducers
Reducers for hot/cold rolling mills
Worm wheel reducers
Speed increasers

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