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Power transmissions
for siderurgy industry.

For over 40 years, FELLAR is present in the steel industry in the Altos Hornos de Sagunto, also in Vizcaya and ENSIDESA, supplying all kinds of gear reducers (tandem, perpendicular, coaxial, etc.), speed-up gearboxes, couplings, extension cords and other items for operating cranes, hoists, translational and drag both for standard manufactures and special performances.

Given the importance of curved teeth couplings in rolling processes, FELLAR has a specific manufacturing program in the standard catalog, with couplings able to transmit high power torques (up to 150 kNm.) and misalignments (up to 7 º).

We also have an extensive experience in the design and manufacture of fixed and telescopic extensions: Flexible, rigid-flex and shift striated fuse or not.

In FELLAR, we have also designed and manufactured various types of coaxial planetary gear reducers for the pinch roll driving so as to drive the dummy bar parking table in C.C. blooms.

We designed and manufactured all the horizontal tandem and orthogonal gear reducers for the GALMED galvanizing plant in Sagunto under the specifications of our customer, DURO FELGUERA.

Our productive capacity and experience in the design and manufacture of gear reducers and boxes destined to different hot rolling driving machines make us a supplier especially suitable for:

• Ragging power boxes with three outputs for driving milling rolls up to 40 tns.

• Power gearboxes with two outputs for driving milling rolls, (roughing and finishing).

• Tandem reducers to drive trio ragging power boxes large sizes.

• Planetary gearbox with flange individual for coupling to drag rollers in rolling tables.

• Orthogonal great reduction gearboxes for driving the cooling bed slats.

Both our designs and manufactures assure a perfect adaptability to each customer requirement...

Four steps with base feet and parallel shafts gear reducer TH4 type. Section and bar medium power straightening machine. Three steps gear reducer TCH3HC type, with base feet, perpendicular shafts and hollow output-shaft.
Special flexible telescopic extension, 3500-SE2 serie, for high power transmission in rollings. Coaxial planetary reducer destined to blooms c.c. pinch roll driving.
Orthogonal planetary reducer for dummy locking table driving. Special flexible telescopic extension, 7000-SE serie, for high power transmission in rollings.











GAMESA,MICON,ACCIONA-WP the best windturbines of the world run with FELLAR...

RENFE 269 Locomotive, we designed and produced its transmission...

ENDESA and UNIÓN FENOSA excavators mount our reducers...

CEMEX (San Vicente del Raspeig) the reducer of its ball mill is FELLAR...
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