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Power transmissions
for paper industry.

The paper industry was one of the first sectors for which we developed our products. Our catalog for standard gearboxes, both horizontal and orthogonal tandem type, is particularly suitable for the suction roller, beating roller as well as drying drums assembly.

We also have experience in the design and manufacture of large size gearboxes and large speed reductions for the pulp mills driving.

FELLAR engineering has developed over many years a wide range of speed reducers especially suitable for operating presses, suction presses, collating presses, wet presses, etc. Likewise, it has also been developed a wide range of gearboxes very suitable for driving wood and pulp grinders.

FELLAR has a large experience in the design and manufacture of complete drives in the paper industry, including gearboxes, motors, mountings, high and low speed couplings. Precisely regarding the couplings assembly, both high and low speed, we have a wide range:

• Curved teeth flexible couplings with misalignments from 1º to 7º.

• Curved teeth flexible couplings with pulley or brake disc.

• Telescopic extensions with curved teeth spline, etc.











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