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Mission & Values


Design and manufacture the best quality gear transmissions for the global heavy industry. With ingenuity, flexibility and creativity in our solutions.

This is our mission, a productive excellence commitment we strong belive in, base our leadership on and use it as a guide in our business decisions in all areas of the organization.



We work hard because we believe in what we do. Our objectives are only possible, from the intensity, the order and the meticulousness.


We know what we are and how we work, we know our limits and we do not cross them. We do not take anything for granted, we do not like to confuse nor be confused. If we all know the same thing, everything is much easier.


Commitment to quality and responsibility in our developments. The operation of many things depends on our good work, it's about taking it cheerfully seriously.

Código de Conducta

A great family, where everyone knows: who is who, what is worth and what is not worth.

We all row the same direction: That of a job well done and without shortcuts. It is undoubtedly the best guarantee for the sustainability of our activity and the best way to contribute to the construction of a fairer society.

Cooperating we are stronger.

Excellence is only possible from the agreement.
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