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In order to grow, you have to believe. Since our real beginning in the fifties as a mechanical workshop, the impossible idea has never been part of our culture. Year after year, challenge after challenge our organization has grown and developed into what it is today, a leader company, consolidated by the experience.

FELLAR is the story of a family, that of Francisco Fenollar Asins.

1947, Francisco opened his mechanical workshop in which metal milling machines and parallel lathes were built. His sons Artemio, Helenio and Francisco worked all together learning the skill since a young age.

1960, the workshop has grown and also its skills. First gear machinings are produced on designs provided by the customers. Basically, gearboxes and gear reducers destined to a fast-improving agricultural sector in Spain.

1968, the experience accumulated on the manufactures destined to agricultural vehicles allows FELLAR to go one step further and so, becoming a supplier for the heavy transport range of ENASA-PEGASO, the most representative automotive industry by that time in Spain.

1970, by then FELLAR, led by Francisco in the management and Helenio in the engineering, is already a significant industry that manufactures transmission components for different activity sectors: siderurgy, automotive, railway ... It is decided then to take a big step: start designing under DIN standards their own solutions to these sectors, initially destined to rolling machinery for the siderurgy.

1975, FELLAR's engineering department increased both human and technological resources and is ready for the next step, the design of its own power transmissions. This decision will be the key for the future of the company which will look for opportunities in foreign markets and particularly in the German industry, as the main European and worldwide reference, taking the company up again for further progress.

1978, in just three years FELLAR established business relations with the major German companies in the siderurgical and mining industries (KRUPP, Bukau WOLF, TAKRAF) and also supplies solutions in transmission elements to most industrial sectors in Spain.

The 80s will be the decade of open mining for FELLAR, its reputation, quality and know-how, provided great contracts with national industry leaders (Endesa and Union Fenosa) for which were manufactured all kinds of transmission solutions destined to equip German machinery (TAKRAF, Bukau WOLF, KRUPP, Weserhütte).

If the 80's were for the mining sector, the 90's were for the wind. FELLAR was the first Spanish industry manufacturing planetary gearboxes destined to equip the windturbines. Thousands of units have been produced for wind turbines worldwide and also for the major manufacturers. Collaboration Agreements and Technological Certifications were reached with some of the most relevant companies in this sector: GAMESA, MICON, ACCIONA WP, MADE. Although it will be only FLENDER, the reference German industry manufacturing transmission components for the wind industry, that FELLAR signed a great Cooperation Agreement sharing know-how, technology, manufacturing and marketing.

Also during the 90s, on the line of the company spirit to always go beyond, FELLAR reached Trade Agreements in the Asian market with DONG FANG STEAM TURBINE WORKS, creating a Joint Venture destined to manufacture gearboxes for the Chinese automotive industry.

In the last decade FELLAR has consolidated its competitive position in all sectors, its designs and manufactures are destined to: energy, mining, siderurgical, cement, lifting cranes, petroleum, chemical, paper and sugar.

Many things have changed all along these years but for the excellence spirit FELLAR started its activity as a mechanic workshop more than 60 years ago.

The future is there for everyone, and FELLAR never stopped looking for it.

GAMESA,MICON,ACCIONA-WP the best windturbines of the world run with FELLAR...

RENFE 269 Locomotive, we designed and produced its transmission...

ENDESA and UNIÓN FENOSA excavators mount our reducers...

CEMEX (San Vicente del Raspeig) the reducer of its ball mill is FELLAR...
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