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Gearboxes are required to change speeds through the use of meshing gears both from a cold start and whilst they are in operation. FELLAR's engineers have, therefore, developed their own pneumatic and hydraulic shift systems to ensure our products are reliable and meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors of the market.

We are as demanding in our requirements for the design and manufacture of our gearboxes as we are for any of our reducers so quality is equally high. FELLAR has designed and manufactured a variety of gearboxes in a range of sizes, speed reduction ratios and shaft positions (several trains, horizontal and vertical, orthogonal shafts, etc.).

Tandem reducers with several drive shafts
Vertical reducers
Multi-planetary cone train reducers
Reducers for hot/cold rolling mills
Worm wheel reducers
Speed increasers

GAMESA,MICON,ACCIONA-WP the best windturbines of the world run with FELLAR...

RENFE 269 Locomotive, we designed and produced its transmission...

ENDESA and UNIÓN FENOSA excavators mount our reducers...

CEMEX (San Vicente del Raspeig) the reducer of its ball mill is FELLAR...
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