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Code of conduct

The following content aims to define clearly and concisely how to approach business activity in Fellar. It is a map, a roadmap, so that everyone in the company knows:
What we pursue, in what way, with whom, our commitments, our culture and philosophy ... In short, the set of norms and values, which we demand of each other in this company, so that things turn out well, on time and with satisfaction for all: workers, clients, suppliers, collaborators, managers ...

The starting point...

"This document is not a statement of intent, it is the confirmation of our commitment with a way of doing things. Chosen and defended for years, based on the values ​​and beliefs that we describe below.
In Fellar, we are not all the same, but we must work the same. That is our responsibility and that's why we write this document. So that we all know what is worth and what is not in our company that we all do. Thank you for helping us to be as we want to be."


Our values...

These are our values ​​that accompany us from our origin, those that have made us what we are today and those that will determine what we will be tomorrow.

Each member of this company has them imprinted in some way on their DNA, and that's why they work with us.

Effort: We work hard because we believe in what we do. Our objectives are only possible, from the intensity, the order and the meticulousness.

HONESTY: We know what we are and how we work, we know our limits and we do not cross them. We do not take anything for granted, we do not like to confuse nor be confused. If we all know the same thing, everything is much easier.

SERIOUSNESS: Commitment to quality and responsibility in our developments. The operation of many things depends on our good work, it's about taking it cheerfully seriously

Desired behaviors (what is worth)...

Over the years, we have observed and learned that there are ways and ways of doing things. In Fellar we believe, persecute and self-demand these guidelines of conduct:

  • Willingness to work: The work is hard, and now more than ever, given the high competitiveness and the increasing levels of exigency. So, it is essential that the starting point is a good disposition confronting this fact. The reward, beyond the salary: personal and collective improvement satisfaction, and a well done job. This in Fellar is appreciated and recognized.

  • Manners: Good morning, please, thank you, how are you ?, etc. They are not minor things, they are the basic rules of living together and they shouldn't be neglected, they are the grease that prevents friction and disagreement. work and his exigengy, sometimes, produce disagreements, anyone who has worked as a team knows this. It's desirable this happen the less the better, but if happens, education becomes our lifeguard: In Fellar we can disagree, but without losing manners.

  • Exigency: In Fellar, either do things right or not at all. This means that: "doesn't matter", it has no place in our company, our self-imposed nature is to achieve the best possible result in what we do, and for this, we have the technology, the experience and a work methodology, which help us in this purpose. And when not, we don't improvise.

  • Respect: For work, the mates, the suppliers, the customers, the facilities.

  • Courage: Good things are difficult to achieve, that's why is so difficult to reach the objectives. Therefore, we need courage: ​​"the willpower of a person or group to carry out an action despite the impediments". Only this way can quality be defended.

  • Fellowship: In Fellar, being a good mate means... working with intensity, education and respect, knowing that each of the processes we do is important. It is everyone's work that determines the end result. If we work like this, we all win, and the one who breaks these rules isn't a good mate.

Wrong ways (what isn't worth)...

There are behaviors that should never be present in our organization, at any level:

  • Arrogance: In Fellar, we know all the jobs performed in the company do not entail the same difficulty, but we value them in the same way. Every task we do is necessary and fundamental. So, no one will look down anyone's work, we are a team and it's everyone's work that determines the final result.

  • Individualism: Although it is obvious, we highlight it given its importance. Fellar is the result of the actions of each of its members. We compete as a team, not with each other.

  • Informality: Manners are not everything, but necessary. A well done job, without education, respect and fellowship, isn't a good job, and we don't want it.

  • Corruption: In Fellar we are clear about our objectives, we pursue profit like any company, but not in any way. Shortcuts are not part of our business culture. As employees, on an individual basis, we do not accept gifts or presents from customers, suppliers, collaborators or others, as an incentive to alter the way we work.

  • The silence: Silence is our enemy, if undesired practices described in this code occur, it is necessary for the common good, that they are known by those responsible with the capacity to stop them.

How to report undesired practices...

"We are committed to taking the necessary measures in those situations guidelines contained in this code of conduct don't be acomplished. We know that we are responsible for creating and maintaining this work environment, but we need the collaboration of all."


Please help us building and keeping working environment that we have, if you detect practices that you do not consider appropriate, let us know using this anonymus form, thanks in advance, this is truly important for everyone.

A great family, where everyone knows: who is who, what is worth and what is not worth.

We all row the same direction: That of a job well done and without shortcuts. It is undoubtedly the best guarantee for the sustainability of our activity and the best way to contribute to the construction of a fairer society.

Cooperating we are stronger.

Excellence is only possible from the agreement.
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