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Power transmissions
for cement industry.

For the cement sector, FELLAR has the guarantee involved in more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing all kinds of gears reducers and couplings for the different power transmission mechanisms in this sector.

• Large power gear systems to drive horizontal ball crushers.

• Special double-helical planetary type reducers, for horizontal ball crushers reducers intermediate drives.

• Tandem and orthogonal gear reducers intended to belt conveyor drives, with or without backstop mechanism.

• Vertical-orthogonal gear reducers, high power and size (up to 30 tons.) for pulverizer mills.

• Curved teeth couplings, rigid and semi-rigid for high power torque reducers.

Since this sector is very relevant for us, we have a specific program for small and medium drive belts in our gearedmotors standard catalog. A wide range, quality and service, make this product a much estimated solution to our customers.

Both our designs and manufactures assure a perfect adaptability to each customer requirement...

Four steps gear reducer type TH4 with base feet and parallel shafts. Vertical reducer for the ball crusher driving. Three steps gear reducer type TCH3HC with base feet, perpendicular shafts and hollow output-shaft.
Straight toothed reducer with various planetaries and parallel shafts. Coaxial motor-reducer destined to the conveyor idler driving. Three steps with flange spur gear motor reducer.











GAMESA,MICON,ACCIONA-WP the best windturbines of the world run with FELLAR...

RENFE 269 Locomotive, we designed and produced its transmission...

ENDESA and UNIÓN FENOSA excavators mount our reducers...

CEMEX (San Vicente del Raspeig) the reducer of its ball mill is FELLAR...
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